From Low Frequency to Microwave, we provide custom wireless / RF circuit design solutions tailored to your specific requirements and needs, or modifications to existing designs. We have experience with a wide variety of transmitter, receiver, and transceiver solutions in a range of frequencies.

We can take a project from many different starting points: concept, prototype, or production reworks. When starting from a concept, we will first develop a system-level block diagram, and drill down into the RF circuit design. PCB and Mechanical design for prototypes is also an in-house service, allowing us to supervise the layout for good RF performance. At this phase, we can build a number of prototypes and test the system performance.

  •  System architectures, modeling, simulation
  •  Link budgets, intermodulation and noise figure analysis
  •  Spread spectrum/frequency hopping communication systems
  •  Digital/Analog communications systems

  •  Receivers - superheterodyne, direct conversion,
  •  Transmitters - high and low power (up to 10 KW)
  •  PLL, DDS based ultralow phase noise synthesizers
  •  Modulators and demodulators
  •  Digital Step attenuators
  •  Digital, and power supply circuits
  •  Software Define Radio (SDR) platform design including RF full path with the Baseband signal processing on Xilinx SOC and FPGA
  •  Radar, RF ranging, and pulse


RFI experienced mechanical design team utilizes SolidWorks and AutoCAD to help ensure the mechanical design is optimized to fit within the smallest possible footprints across the most demanding (size constrained) designs. Miniaturization, including in size, weight, and power is critical in many applications and our team uses world class tools to meet even the strictest specification.
A lot of these RF designs will be subject to harsh environments. RFI mechanical design team will coordinate the specifics of a shock and vibration study in the design prior to hardware being design. They will also spearhead the RF shielding and thermal analysis components to ensure that design meets whatever combination of specifications that we are faced with.